In-house Training

Train teams or large groups of employees in health and social care modelling

What is In-House Training?

By default, all of our healthcare modelling courses are currently taught at our New Cavendish Street campus. Whilst our central London location is convenient for many, we understand that travelling costs for attendees outside the M25 can soon mount up – especially for medium to large sized groups. For instance not only will you have to cover the cost of the journey to London itself, your may have to pay for one or two nights worth of hotel accommodation.
With our in-house training service our modelling team will visit you and your colleagues on-site at your own organisation. As a result you will not have to pay the transport and accommodation costs associated with travelling to London. For large groups of participants this method of delivery represents a highly cost effective way to quickly develop key skills in health and social care modelling.
What’s more, since the day is dedicated to you and the needs of your organisation, we can also tailor our courses so as to target specific areas of health or social care modelling expertise.

What are the benefits of In-House Training?

  • Save on travel costs (taxi, tube, bus, rail fares)
  • Save money on hotel costs
  • Receive a bespoke course based around your needs
  • Ability to target specific skills/areas in modelling expertise
  • Workshop delivery format enables participants to attend the sections relevant to them.

What does it cost?

Pricing of our in-house training is highly competitive but does vary according to the expected number of participants, the courses covered, the number of days or half days of training and the extent to which we need to modify the course to meet your needs and requirements.

Which teams or organisational types would benefit most?

As with our short course modules, our in-house training service is targeted at teams or departments (both public and private sector) working in the areas of;

  • Healthcare informatics
  • Public Health Awareness and Prevention
  • Health Outcomes Analysis
  • Performance Management
  • GP Commissioning
  • Health or Social Care Demand Forecasting
  • Service Redesign or Evaluation
  • Healthcare Budgeting

What facilities or equipment does my organisation need to have available?

For most on-site training events we will, at the very least, need to have access to a VGA compatible projector, whiteboard and of course a suitably sized room to accommodate all participants.
On the day of the event, depending on the course being taught, we will also bring with us any additional materials and equipment that may be useful, such as: marker pens, sticky notes, flip charts, memory sticks, etc.
As some courses make use of specific versions of certain software to illustrate how different techniques work, we will need to check and ensure that you have access to software packages during the day. For instance, in the case of the service redesign using simulation course you will need to have access to Simul8. If you don’t have certain software available it may be possible to use an alternative software package on the day or alternatively we can show you how it would work using a demo run from our own laptop.

Find out more

If you are interested in our in-house training service but would like more information or to obtain a written quote for your training needs – please feel free to contact us via email or by telephone on +44 (0)20 3506 4575.