Since our inception we have published a number of scientific papers in peer reviewed journals, conference papers and chapters in books, relating to research conducted into the operations and management of health and social care systems. In particular, we have published research relating to capacity planning, demand forecasting, software systems to support decision making, hospital profiling, service redesign and risk stratification.

PhD Project Areas 2022:

Explainable and Fair Artificial Intelligence (AI) for End-Users with Complex and Social Care Health Needs
A Blockchain Approach for Sharing and Analysing Patient Data
Supply Chain analytics: a Framework Integrating Machine Learning with Blockchain Technology
An Ethical AI Framework to Predict and Inform Risk Classification (Zoning) for Mental Health Patients
An Operational Research and AI Modelling Framework to Reduce Waiting Times for Mental Health Services
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Details of our publications can be found on WestminsterResearch, an online repository of research outputs from the University of Westminster’s academic community.

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